How to Set Up a Portable Table Saw

So you are the lucky owner of a brand new portable table saw? Congratulations!

If you are anything like I am, you can’t wait to start ripping and giving that table saw a run for its money.

You are likely wondering how to set up portable table saw if you have found your way here. Following these simple steps, you and your portable table saw will be up and running in no time.

Secure The Saw

After unpacking your portable table saw and checking you have all the parts, you should secure the table saw.

Whether you bought a portable table saw with its stand or are considering building your table saw stand, you should ensure that your new table saw is unplugged and securely fixed to your workstation.

Installing Blade And Riving Knife

Installing Blade And Riving Knife

You should check if the throat plate is attached to your portable table saw. If it is, you need to remove it before installing the blade or the riving knife.

There are so many exceptional blades for portable table saws. You should always ensure you have the best one for the job.

When installing the blade, raise the blade as far as possible. A nut holds the blade in place and can be removed using a blade wrench. This is usually included with the saw. If not, we have found that a crescent wrench works well.

Turn the nut counterclockwise away from the riving knife. Whilst doing this, engage the arbour. Lock to prevent the blade from spinning.

Now you have loosened the nut remove it by hand to prevent it from falling into the saw. Now attach the blade of your choice.

The riving knife is locked in place behind the blade. Release the riving knife by loosening the lever and adjusting it upwards before installing the blade guard and anti-kickback device.

Installing Anti-Kickback Devices And Blade Guards

Installing Anti-Kickback Devices And Blade Guards

Now, you can install anti-kickback devices with your portable table saw.

With so many safety features being added to portable table saws these days, blade guards, anti-kickback devices, and more are helping the portable table saw to become one of the most popular tools for professional and amateur wood-workers alike.

The anti-kickback device should attach to a notch at the top of the riving knife located behind the area where the blade guard attaches.

Ensure that teeth point away from the saw blade toward the back of the saw.

Now snap the blade guard into place on top of the riving knife. Both the blade guard and the anti-kickback device should be locked into place. The curved end of the blade guard should be resting on the table saw’s surface, and no area of the guard should be touching the blade.

Throat Plate and Fence Installation

Throat Plate and Fence Installation

Now that the blade, riving knife, and safety guards are all in place, it is safe to re-install the throat plate, which should snap into place.

Locate the table saw fence. The last portable table saw we set up came with the fence stored directly underneath the table saw. It should easily slide out.

Guide the table saw fence into the tracks at the front and back of the saw. Be sure to be gentle when you do this. The fence should slide in with little resistance.

Square Up And Rip

Following the manufacturer’s instructions the portable table saw comes with square up your table saw using a framing square. This helps you to ensure that your new saw cuts accurately.

And now you are all set up and ready to go. Start ripping and working on those projects you’ve been waiting to start.

Our Final Thoughts: How to Set Up A Portable Table Saw

Now you know how to set up portable table saw. See, it couldn’t have been easier. 

We recommend that you follow the instructions provided to you by the manufacturer to set up your table saw accurately and safely. This handy guide is always here as a reference point if something in the instructions from the manufacturer needs to be clarified, but remember to check your safety information at all times.

If you are considering purchasing a new portable table saw, you should check out our expert buying guide on portable table saws. Our in-depth guide includes a breakdown of all the best saws on the market now! 

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