How To Dewalt Jobsite Table Saw Blade To 45 Degree Angle?

If you are an avid woodworker, you may be wondering if you can cut 45-degree angled cuts with your table saw. The answer is – yes!

Your table saw can be the ideal tool for making accurate 45-degree cuts, especially if your workpiece is too large to be cut with another tool.

There are two kinds of 45-degree cuts possible on a table saw. These are a 45-degree mitre cut and a 45-degree bevel cut.

Are you wondering how to dewalt jobsite table saw blade to 45-degree angle? Look no further than this handy guide.

Note that you will need a mitre gauge for your table saw for both of these methods!


How To Make A 45-Degree Angle Miter Cut With A Table Saw

How To Make A 45-Degree Angle Miter Cut With A Table Saw

Start by placing the wood you will be working with on the worktable and insert a mitre gauge into the jobsite table saw’s track.

The mitre gauge I use has angles varying from 90 degrees in the centre and 30 degrees to both the left and right of the centre and are marked as increments of 15 degrees.

Measure and mark the distance needed onto the wood using a measuring tape and a pencil.

To be accurate, you can use a set square to draw a 45-degree line onto the area of the wood being cut. Always mark the length on the face and edge of the wood, noting that the edge will come in contact with the blade first.

If the length of the wood to be cut is very long, you can remove the rip fence to allow for more room.

Losen the mitre gauge fence and change the angle to 45 degrees. Depending on your need, you can do this either clockwise or in an anticlockwise direction, setting the blade’s height ¼ of an inch more than the thickness of the wood being cut.

With the wood still on the mitre gauge, slide the gauge forward and align the mark with the saw’s blade to check if the cut will be accurate. Once the blade is aligned with the mark, plug in the saw and turn it on.

Slowly start feeding the wood to the blade and support the mitre gauge and the wood while cutting, remembering to set the rip fence far away from the blade to prevent it from acting as a pivot point for the offcut.

That can cause a kickback.

Kickback is one of the leading causes of table saw accidents. Always do your best to work safely and responsibly.

Use a set square on the cut edge to measure and confirm that the angle made is, in fact, 45 degrees.

There you have it! You have successfully made a 45-degree angle mitre cut using a table saw.

How To Make A 45-Degree Angle Bevel Cut With A Table Saw

How To Make A 45-Degree Angle Bevel Cut With A Table Saw

Place the workpiece on the work table.

To make a bevel cut, you must first change the angle of the blade to give it a tilt. Please don’t rely on the bevel indicator on the table joint, as they can be inaccurate.

It would be best if you used a digital angle box or an adjustable bevel gauge and a protractor to set up the angle of the blade. If neither of those is available to you, we have a simple method using a scrap piece of wood:

Take a scrap piece of wood, set the angle on the mitre gauge to 45 degrees, and lock the angle. Now cut the scrap wood at a 45-degree mitre using the mitre gauge. Now you can use this 45-degree piece to set the bevel angle on the table saw blade.

Now the angle is set, you are ready to cut your workpiece.

Set the mitre gauge on the saw and make sure the angle is set back to 90 degrees.

Mark the point at which you intend to make the bevel cut on the workpiece, and align the table saw with the mark, ensuring you do not move the saw afterwards.

Turn on the saw and let it reach full speed, then slowly feed the wood into the table saw. Be sure to hold the mitre gauge and the wood firmly together and keep the rip fence away to prevent kickback from the offcut.

Once the cut is finished, ensure the edges are clean and free of splinters by sanding them away to leave the wood smooth.

Your 45-degree angle bevel cut is complete.


Now you know how to dewalt jobsite table saw blade to 45 degree angle. You will be making 45-degree cuts like a pro in no time. 

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